Our online trainings are custom made:

Flexible and tailored to the respective needs and requirements of our customers. We integrate our customers’ predefined procedures, methods, processes, systems and templates into our online training courses.
Our online trainings are workshop-like, varied joint sessions, lively video conferences on interestingly prepared topics – easy to engage and full of content at the same time: We deliver all content in an exciting way and accessible on a long-term basis. Within the online sessions maximum duration of 90 minutes, there is a refreshing rhythm of about 15 minutes of context changes such as input, reflection, discussion and exercises.
There are two options for good online training:

Virtual classroom

In other words, a crisp sequence of several online sessions for a consistent group within a few days, meeting online. The crash course, so to speak. Almost like a face-to-face seminar, but without the costs for hotel, travel and catering. The advantage: participants can concentrate fully on learning. The breaks are therefore real breaks from daily business.

Blended learning

A distribution of the learning content over a few weeks with a maximum of two online sessions per day. The days between the online sessions are part of the course, as self-study phases: for individual try-outs on the learnings, with self-organized small group work, to viewing input nuggets like trainer videos or to read up on theory. Advantage: the participants actively take responsibility for their knowledge development.
We conduct our trainings on Zoom, Webex Training and MS Teams, and we are happy to discuss other platforms and learning systems. All our trainings can be performed in English and German language.

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