“Help for self-help” is the core concept of our consulting activities. But a training on a specific topic is not always the right measure. Sometimes it is necessary to use additional approaches.
We have on offer:

Project Performance Consultingis a consulting technique that aims to derive a goal, looking at the need first and then finding the best solution. Anyone who has ever introduced software without first formulating what actually should have been improved with the new software would have wished for such a consulting approach. Projecteers ask the right questions – even if they are unpleasant.

Workshops (online or on-site) are an important project working format. A half-day workshop with the right participants working in a flow can produce better results than weeks of conceptual work. Projecteers are professionals in facilitating workshops – in preparation, in leading through the topics, and in securing results.

Team development is virtually the turbocharger for every important project, for departments, working groups and project teams to work together more motivated and efficiently, and therefore more joyful and productive. With good team development, difficult times and bottlenecks can be bridged confidently, especially in long-term projects. It is not so much a matter of working on specific topics, but rather on the improvement of the quality of the collaboration. Projecteers are experienced midwives and team developers for client teams, also and especially regarding the involvement of executives.

Specialized consulting on topics can yield valuable input before conduction workshops and trainings, especially when the customers want to develop or adjust their own procedures Projecteers facilitate this process and are happy to provide specialist input. Especially on the topics of development of project management systems, agile transformation, organization of change projects and the development of innovation structures.

Projecteers are not project doctors, but flight instructors who train their partners to become self-reliant project pilots:
It’s all about guiding all projects – short and long distance – directly and safely to the target!

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